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  • Krish Ayyar

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Managing Partner, ANZ & APAC


Krish Ayyar

"Improve Customer Base, Business Process Improvements, Product Portfolio Streamlining, Expanding Business in New Territory, Outsourcing etc., etc.,"
Every Enterprise has some or all of these issues. Are these issues isolated or connected? Companies fund large Programs to address these. The Programs use many artefacts to design and implement the solutions but where do they fall short? They do not leave behind a common Enterprise Architecture (A Model Structure) that captures the Enterprise Intelligence to take forward into the future.We at ICMG International, specialise in this. Such Enterprise Architecture would render modelling and solutioning a breeze.

What is my motivation?
I believe that Enterprise Architecture is misunderstood as a technical activity within the IT Department. I believe that it should help General Business Management to Architect Solutions for Enterprise Problems in the wider Enterprise. At ICMG Architecture World, we have had extensive experience in analysing 1000’s of Architecture initiatives and Solutions over the years. Several CIO’s and many Enterprise Architects have benefited from receiving our excellence awards. We have combined that with inputs from the legendary John Zachman and created specific Methodologies to address Business Problems. I am very keen to share these with you for your organisation’s benefit.

How can you take advantage of this?
I will mentor you on how to analyse Your Enterprise, derive the Common Enterprise Anatomy in Architecting Solutions for Multiple connected Problems quickly and consistently. I can provide you with Consultancy assistance to set things up so that you can continue to benefit from this approach. 



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